Monday, March 12, 2007

Kevin McHale and Billy King still have cover.

Isiah Thomas will remain employed by the Knicks, after an earlier assertion of his job security by owner James Dolan this year.

Admittedly, the Knicks are in a decent position in a very weak East, and he has the team only five games under .500 (where .500 is a good record in conference), so he's effectively managed to outcoach Larry Brown in his one year there. However, it's still confusing why Dolan has allowed him to continue as team president -- Thomas isn't exactly the most competent of executives, and never really has been. It would have made more sense if he kept him as coach and got another GM, but Isiah has started to dig himself and the team out of the hole he got them into with questionable personnel moves, so I suppose that resembles progress.

(Oh, and so I'm a day early. Oh well. L.A. clubs continue to suck and overcharge for booze. About to start driving. Will have the fully unprofessional evaluation of the bracket tomorrow, unless I get back to my apartment early.)


Sanchez said...

Aren't assertions of job security in sport generally a kiss of death for the person invovled?

Perhaps not this time.

twins15 said...

Please oh please Philly.. fire Billy King!!