Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What I Imagine The Ninth Circle Of Hell Is Like.

And that would be having to listen to Joe Theismann teamed up with Brent Musburger on Saturday nights for college football season.

These two jackasses together would make Pam Ward and Mike Gottfried sound sane. Yet the rumor going around the blogs is that this might actually happen -- as if ESPN/ABC would willfully ruin Saturday night college football games by putting these two together.

Viewers already have to watch Musburger's games drunk because that's obviously the way he calls them, and with his blatant favoritism towards certain programs (Notre Dame, for example), he'll be an absolutely perfect match in hell for another Golden Domer legend. It's the announcing team from the Ninth Circle of Hell, the one the Devil tortures all right-thinking and loving college football fans to for eternity to be tortured by Brent's mindless cliches and Theeeesman's insistence on making points that are completely blown apart by what is actually happening on the field.

Would the WWL do something that insane, that incredibly stupid? Oh, wait -- they would. The only way it could conceivably be worse if it happened is something that has already been discussed -- pairing the two with this dumbass below:

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twins15 said...

It could be worse (though not much worse)... Joe Buck could be the PBP man with Theismann and Maguire as color guys. *shudders at the thought*