Friday, March 02, 2007

cheap shots #6.

First, some new adds to the blogroll this week: say hi to Shot to Nothing, The Sports Dad, Money Players, and the Feed. Second, I'm honored that some of you actually e-mail me items, and I want it known that they are actually read. Third, Blogger is bugging the fuck out of me; I'm considering a switch -- is WordPress worth it?

Now, can we hit it and quit it? Yeah!

1) The Feed unleashes their inner Tufnel and takes their baseball previews to 11. Start with the latest on the Marlins and work your way back.

2) Money Players takes a look at pensions across the major sports.

3) Extrapolater runs down another team (Marist) you probably know nothing about. I know they're Bill O'Reilly's alma mater, and for that reason, I'll be rooting against them (sorry, boys.)

4) D-Wil takes another hack at the Barry Bonds growth bit. You may agree, you may not, but it's worth reading.

5) One More Dying Quail wrote about the rich dentist suing Cory Lidle's estate, so now I really don't have to (he did a hundred times better anyway.)

6) In his tireless quest, Scrap comes across this plan for NBC's ratings to drop even further -- that's right, a reality show about the Beckhams moving to the U.S.

7) Business or Leisure at And Here Come the Pretzels is really looking forward to baseball.

8) Sooze tells us of the story of one pitcher who'll have mad bank without even throwing a fastball.

9) RUTS informs us of a middle school principal in Pennsylvania with some interesting extracurricular activities. (I so wanted to use the phrase "extracurricular activities" for a tease tonight, but I got outvoted.)

10) Twins gets you ready for your fantasy baseball draft -- the latest edition is all about the guys up the middle.

11) The Hack thinks Ted Leo's bass player is a fugly bastard. He is, but so is the drummer with that Grizzly Adams look. Plus, ugliness means more rock power -- just ask Lemmy! -- and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists rule.

12) If there's a championship out there to be contested this year, Sanchez is all over it.

13) Deadspin gives us a story sure to rob you of your appetite (it involves infection, rupture, and gonads) while you grimace in pain.

14) With Leather exposes us to a disturbing reality: people are actually writing to Ron Artest for advice.

15) And despite the name of her blog, the Head Chick just won't leave Jason Whitlock alone (and we're all better off for it.)


extrapolater said...

Heh, you and RUTS are both complaining about blogger. I am on Wordpress, and I find it generally pretty easy to use. I think it is visually more appealing, and they are running out new features all of the time. The only thing I see that I covet is those nice stats reports that blogger seems to have, but I think WP is trying to catch up on that one, too.

When you're #2, you try harder.

Newspaper Hack said...

Yeah -- I would have switched to Wordpress, but that would mean giving up my 300+ hits per day for that Tim Tebow's Girfriend post.

God bless that gal and her fake mammeries.

Signal to Noise said...

Hack - yeah, I've got Erin Andrews posts that continue to drive my stats, so that's one consideration.

Extrapolater - I may have to get a lot more frustrated to learn another system, despite the ease of use it seems to have. I'm very used to Blogger right now.

Sanchez said...

Hey, thanks for the link signal, mucho appreciato.

I'm with Wordpress and I find it much better then blogger. Sometimes the pic loader can take a year to load though, but that could be my PC, I'm not sure.