Thursday, March 08, 2007

ink and wheels, NFL #2.

If I'm going to be doing semi-regular posts on NFL free agency (which I like doing), I'd better give 'em a name. Shorten "As the Ink Dries and the Wheels Turn," and you get the above for signings and trades. Of course, it will only make sense to me.

The ATL has made it perfectly clear to Michael Vick that this is the year that he ships up or they're looking elsewhere, because otherwise you would not ink Joe Horn up fresh after he's been released from the Saints. 35-year old Joe Horn still has juice in the tank, and he's the best receiver talent-wise that Vick has had in years. However, odds that Horn will help out the failed first-round picks Roddy White and Michael Jenkins have yet to be seen. If he does, you get double the value (and terms haven't been disclosed, Falcons management isn't even confirming it yet.)

Consider the Cleveland Browns out of the market for OU RB Adrian Peterson come draft day -- they've gotten Jamal Lewis fresh off the cut line from the Ravens. A year at $3.5 mil sounds appropriate, because he has much to prove after a couple of below-par seasons. Now, Cleveland needs to look to draft an offensive lineman to block for him -- Reuben Droughns was reprehensible last year, but it didn't help that he had no blocking whatsoever. I still don't think teams respect Charlie Frye enough at quarterback to not stack the line with 8 men against the Browns.

Obligatory Broncos note: they've signed a backup, former Washington and Jets QB Patrick Ramsey. Issue a collective yawn.


Sanchez said...

I think Horn's signing was a good move for the Falcons. Atleast Vick finally has a decent receiver to throw to rather than a TE with a big ass. Its a good fit IMO.

Perhaps the attention defences will need to give Horn will free up the other receivers and give them a chance to shine. or, you know... suck.

Signal to Noise said...

Given the display of White and Jenkins, my odds are on "suck."