Thursday, March 01, 2007

the gunslingers meet in Austin.

How sick was A&M - Texas? I mean, you can look at the stat lines for both Texas' Kevin Durant (30 pts and 16 boards) and the Aggies' Acie Law IV (33 points and a couple of absolutely nasty 3-pointers when they mattered -- I'm convinced the "IV" on his uniform is the source of his power), but you could have guessed if you just saw the game go to double OT. Texas' Damion James and D.J. Augustin were playing lights out too (OMDQ has more on the bizarre that is Damion James. I saw some of what he writes. I suspect we may have another in the mold of Agent Zero for bizarre, yet endearing acts.)

Now Texas is giving me fits for this week's Aggro-Crag at JCMJ -- I'm not sure whether to go Texas or Kansas this weekend. And despite the loss, I am still gonna ride the Aggie Bandwagon unless something so shocking happens in the Big 12 Tourney that I'd sprain an ankle getting off. This could be the best of the conference tournaments with three teams with super-legitimate shots at nabbing the title and being teams NO ONE wants anything to do with come St. Patrick's Day weekend.

Another hoops note: I did not catch Maryland-Duke, but given that the Terps went into Cameron and owned the Blue Devils AGAIN (making them 3-0 vs. the usual power boys of Duke and UNC this year), I'm fearing the turtle right now.


One More Dying Quail said...

When you figure out Texas-Kansas, let me know - I probably have to go the other way to have any chance of winning this thing.

Signal to Noise said...

Yeah, I'll get back to you on that...