Thursday, March 29, 2007

"There Are Very Few Problems That Money Can't Fix."

The title is a favorite saying of my dad's, and I'd bet Broncos CB Dre Bly agrees, especially since Shanny just broke him off big large for a five year contract extension here in Denver -- $33 million total, but we always know that total is complete bullshit, so the important number is the $16 million that's guaranteed.

Rumor has it Bly was not particularly happy when he got dealt to Denver, mostly because he wanted to head to D.C. (for what reason, I could not tell you), and there were rumors after the trade was completed that he would be dealt again. Those are quashed for now.

He may not be here five years, but for at least three, that's damn good guaranteed cash, especially when you know your stats are gonna get jacked up because your teammate covering on the other side is one Roland "Champ" Bailey.

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