Friday, March 23, 2007

Nothing From Nothing Means Nothing.

And that's what the Texans will get for David Carr, as NFL Live's analysts are saying Carr just got his outright release from Houston (link will come later, when it actually pops up on the WWL's web site -- ahhh, here we go). I thought he was going on the trading block -- you could have gotten at least a second or third-rounder for him, but far be it for me to give the Texan front office any credit for intelligence.

Vikings, Dolphins, Chiefs -- GET ON YOUR PHONES NOW (especially the Vikes; you fuck this one up at your own peril.)

Again, how disastrous is the Houston Texans' management? They draft Carr, don't develop an O-line to help him, fail to draft either Reggie Bush to help him or go another direction with Vince Young, and now admit they maybe made a mistake, but compound that mistake by essentially giving up two second-round picks in consecutive years and paying $7 mil guaranteed to a QB who's never started only started twice?*

(*Thank you, randjamal. Don't know how I passed those two starts over, since everyone on ESPN was reminding us Schaub had gone 0-2 in those games.)

Oh right. They inked Schaub to that guaranteed money, proclaimed him the starter, and tipped their fucking hand right there.

Matt Millen is laughing at you, Houston.


The Almighty Ajax said...

Speaking of traderation, it seems to have slipped under the radar (at least outside the Windy City) that Da Bears snapped up Adam Archuleta at a bargain this week -- a 3-year contract for about $2.7M a year, $5M in bonus money, and a 6th-round draft pick to the Skins, who WAAAAY overpaid for him last year.

First piece of unambiguously good news for Bears fans since Lovie got his new contract. Archuleta may have lost a step (he's 29) but he's solid, and a defensive backfield of him, Mike Brown, Tillman, and Vasher is a big step in the right direction.

Sanchez said...

Boy... the Texans suck.

Am I wrong in thinking that there is a lot of Carrage love to be found amongst the fans? Did the texans management miss this?

I certainly think he's a pretty good QB and would be happy to see him in a Phish Jersey.

Nastinchka said...

I don't know why, but I'm surprised. I honestly thought they could sink no dumber.

Anonymous said...

Herm! Herm Edwards! Wake the fuck up! Get Carl on the phone now and start making this happen. Trent Green is d-u-n done. And Damon Huard as the starter does not inspire confidence. Carr, on the other hand, behind our half-decent line with LJ in the backfield would be nice.

Signal to Noise said...

Ajax - the Bears are going to need every defensive player they can steal with the whole Lance Briggs mess, along with the question of Tank Johnson and Tommie Harris' injuries. Good move.

Sanchez - Texans fans have a love-hate relationship with him, I think, which isn't his fault.

Nastinchka - in the age of NFL parity, some teams remain at the bottom for obvious front office reasons, and nothing should surprise on that front any more.

Anon - the Chiefs need to decide whether Brodie Croyle is worth a shot or make Carr an offer.

Mark said...

Archuletta, $2.7 mil per is a steal for a special teams player?

Signal to Noise said...

Mark - he won't be a special teamer in Chicago, and in this off-season where no-namers and unprovens are getting $6-7 mil minimum for signing bonuses, $2.7 mil is buying low.

randjamal said...

Hate to be the dick who quibbles with fairly unimportant claims, but hell, I will anyway.

Schaub has two starts. Once in 04 and once in 05.

Regardless, you are correct they should have tried to get something for him, even if its a late round pick or a special teams player.

Brian said...

david carr is horrible. who cares if they did not get anything for him. his contract is too much for the next two years for anyone to trade anything for him.

the line is not good and not drafting bush was bad, but it does not change the fact david carr was a bad qb and it will be positive for the franchise to move on without him.

Tom said...

What I don't understand is why the Texans gave such a big contract to Schaub. I can understand that they think that Carr isn't the answer at QB, plus he's making a ton of money. And I can understand not wanting to draft a QB in this draft since they will have a pay a ton of money to an unproven player. Both of those are reasonable assumptions. But then why do you turn around and trade for a unproven player and give him a ton of money? Isn't that sort of how you got into this mess in the first place?