Thursday, March 15, 2007

ink and wheels #4.

Special Broncos edition, as they're looking to possibly bring in Colts WR Brandon Stokely as a slot receiver with Javon Walker and Rod Smith, according to MJD at the FanHouse, who nabbed a Rocky Mountain News article. You gotta love MJD, reveling in every stereotype of the "possession receiver," and mentioning the much-loved Easy Ed McCaffrey and his years in a Bronco uni.

With the signing of Daniel Graham rather than a catching TE, a better slot receiver becomes a necessity, but I can't help but think that they've got a somewhat talented second year WR in Brandon Marshall who should get the shot at being the third WR, especially before an injury-prone Stokely, who sat out most of last year with knee problems. If they can land him with an incentive laden contract, fine with me. But this off-season has been along the lines of bank robbery for free agents, and it would be nice if Denver didn't fall for it on Stokely.

(I promise I will eventually do a post on the more popular racially, um, loaded euphemisms in sports soon.)

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sanchez said...

mjd makes a good point about the difference between the two offnces having an impact wouldn't you say?

I can't see him being as effective a slot receiver in Denver as he was in Indi.