Friday, March 16, 2007

The Ultimate All-Out Guy.

I don't much care for the Angels, being an NL guy when it comes to baseball, but I always liked watching Darin Erstad play, whether at first base or in the outfield -- he was the guy on the World Series team that did all the little things between Jim Edmonds, Tim Salmon, and Garret Anderson smacking balls around the park, and it's easy to forget that he made his share of great catches (everyone always thinks of Edmonds in these cases.)

Tim Brown of Yahoo writes a good Erstad profile in his column and his move to the Chicago White Sox -- I could have sworn Erstad was older than 32, the way commentators made it sound about his age being a factor. This is one of those moves the Angels are going to regret (as if signing Gary Matthews, Jr. and dealing with his extracurricular issues aren't enough right now) because players like Erstad tie clubhouses together and shore up teams defensively, and that's a guy you find room in your regular line-up for. It's not like Casey Kotchman or any other first base prospect the Angels have are anything to scream home about right now after the initial hype; it's confusing as to why GM Bill Stoneman was so willing to let Erstad go.

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Run Up The Score! said...

Aaron Rowand thinks Erstad is a pussy. Just sayin'.