Tuesday, March 13, 2007

brackets on the brain.

L.A.'s still too damn expensive ($10 for a Jack and Coke???), and there's still too much traffic. I'm reminded why I moved. But, hey, when you get awesome sushi and Chinese food for the first time in months, it's hard to bitch that much.

I'll be all over the place with NCAA stuff this week, as Marco at JCMJ asked me for a general preview (go read Brandon from Sports Show on Mute's rundown), and I'll be contributing to Awful Announcing's previews and probably live-blog a second-rounder on Sunday as well. Oh, and I'll be guest-posting at Our Book of Scrap on Thursday.

With that in mind, I'll link to the stuff when it's posted.

So, I'll just give you my Final Four as it stands right now: Oregon, UCLA, Georgetown, and Texas A&M. I keep myself sane by filling out brackets the same way, from the entry in the office pool to every online entry. My winner: A&M. Can't get off the Aggie Bandwagon now.

Here are some upsets you might like to try: Long Beach State over Tennessee in the first round, Texas over UNC in the 16, VCU over Duke (1st round), Nevada over Memphis (2nd round), Vandy over Wazzu (2nd round), and if you're feeling really brave, So. Illinois over Kansas in the 16.

is going balls out for the first round matchups, and the Newspaper Hack has outlined his picks for every game, and likes UCLA for the title.


Sanchez said...

10 bucks for a Jack and Coke? (also my drink of choice btw) Wtf?

I finding it difficult to find good solid bets this time around. It's no good just slapping the dough down on the deadcerts is it?

I'm just not getting enough time for research I guess.

Signal to Noise said...

I'm staying away from putting money on anyone this year. I don't like it at all.