Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Make Sure That Door Leaves a Mark, OK?

This appears to be the case with Long Beach State University men's basketball coach Larry Reynolds, who will not be offered a new contract after a 24-8 season that was great by all Big West standards. It's probably not the 20-something point loss to the Tennessee Volunteers in the first round of the NCAAs that did it either.

What I've been told recently is that his firing (the university may phrase it any way it likes, but that's essentially what this is) was the worst kept secret in Anaheim during the Big West tournament, and one bit in this ESPN piece jives a little with what my friend heard down there:

Assistant coach Reggie Howard did not accompany the team to Columbus and was put on indefinite leave as the NCAA investigates recruiting violations at the school. The team's recruiting coordinator, Howard was credited with assembling much of the squad.

Reading the school's released statement again, I note the Golden Rule of Press Releases: the less information provided in the statement or release, the more questionable and seedy the circumstances surrounding the subject. A fundamental difference with an athletic director who came in during his contract is also likely, outside of anything recruiting related, and unless the NCAA actually turns up something with Howard in terms of actual violations, I'll say it's more likely that Reynolds and AD Vic Cegles did not work well together and Cegles pulled rank.


NFL Adam said...

The LB State fans expect the program to be like Gonzaga and felt that Reynolds banked it all on one season with a crop of JC transfers. Hey, he did get them to the tournament right, and beat a pretty hot Cal Poly team.

Scrap said...

I like your Golden Rule of press releases. So true. Plus, I wondered why a team that made it to the tourney bounced their coach. Now I know.

Signal to Noise said...

Adam - very unrealistic expectations, especially with no one taller than 6'6" on that team. I think the higher-ups just didn't like him, plus the recruiting stuff.

Scrap - knowledge is half the battle.

Ah, so much drama in the LBC...