Friday, March 16, 2007

Elbows Aren't Supposed to Shift Like That.

This was part of the MSU victory over Marquette, which I thought would be Game of the Day, but the Spartans dominated. However, Idong Ibok got a Brian Butch-style elbow injury during it. Please only watch if you have not eaten or are ready to scream in horror at the shot of his elbow out of the socket while he is on the floor.

Video originally found by MJD at the Fanhouse.


One More Dying Quail said...

My God...

Did you see around the 17 second mark? He calmed briefly, then looked down, saw what his elbow looked like and started screaming again.

I can't even fathom pain like that.

The Intern said...

I wish they would stuck with the shot of Izzo for a little longer. He was walking out with an expression that screamed "What a fucking pussy." I'd like to see his reaction after actually seeing Ibok's unhinged elbow.

It's really too bad. Idong Ibok was one of the best names in the tournament.