Friday, March 02, 2007

the pornstache walks away.

Jake Plummer is calling it quits rather than get traded to Tampa Bay -- apparently, he's not interested in being traded some place where he isn't automatically the starter. Great sentiment in terms of looking out for yourself, Jake, but have you looked at your stats the last few years? You are the last person who should be handed a starting job fresh out of the gate and without question.

What makes it worse is that he's giving up already and the guy he'd be going up against for Tampa's starting job is recovering from losing his goddamned spleen. Shave off the mustache and the beard or whatever you've got these days, Plummer, your wussing out means you don't deserve to wear that facial hair.


Run Up The Score! said...

What do you think about this theory?

Signal to Noise said...

Makes some sense. He'd be pissed off enough to do it.

Run Up The Score! said...

I believe I heard on Denver sports radio this afternoon that Plummer would take a $5M hit if he did that. Roster bonus or something? I'm not an expert on how the NFL rules work.

Sanchez said...

That theory sounds about the kind of thing that sankey might go for.

I'm damn sure if he'd just loose that facial hair he would play much better.

Oh and also, 'Pornstache' is an excellent word.

Sanchez said...

sankey? who the f is sankey?

(it's meant to be snakey of-course)

Sooze said...

Where will the people of Denver go for moustache rides now ?!?