Wednesday, March 14, 2007

free-agent value heads down.

Eventually, someone's going to have to stage classes or something for NFL players on the basics of not getting pulled over for a DUI, because free-agent TE Jerramy Stevens got busted last night on those charges plus one for having marijuana in his pocket.

The Seahawks will be okay with getting rid of him, as they signed Marcus Pollard, and Stevens has underachieved in his tenure, becoming more notable for providing bulletin board material for Joey Porter in Super Bowl XL and being the target of a knee in the groin against the Raiders last year.

But back to the matter at hand: this is totally avoidable. Guys like Stevens and Dominic Rhodes (who got busted for DUI last month) have nothing but money to blow (or at least we'd like to think). If you're not interested in calling a cab, what about limo service? On the other hand, the stupidity on display gives us timeless mugshots like the one above.

Hat tip: Deadspin.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

way to make UW proud, Jerramy!

DUI Blog said...

Mr. Stevens rises to the occasion again. Way to keep the marijuana in your back pocket while driving drunk and being pulled over by the police.

This guy is a total assjack. I am so happy the Seahawks signed Marcus Pollard. Later Stevens you sure dropped the ball on this one; again.

twins15 said...

Wow, and I was actually kinda hoping the Vikings would take a look at him... way to make the decision easy Jerramy!