Thursday, March 01, 2007

hi there, Captain Obvious.

Do we know why former St. John's and BC coach Mike Jarvis is being paid to write drivel? His latest column for Yahoo about picking teams in March goes like this: watch the eight players away from the ball and observe rebounding. There are only two possible explanations:

A. Jarvis presumes he is writing for an audience that knows fuck all about college basketball. Problem is, if the reader knows fuck all about men's hoops, why would they click to read his thoughts? He's not exactly a household name, and he is writing for an online sports site -- most of the folks coming around to pick stuff out are junkies.

B. He actually believes this passes for insight. Even some of the most casual fans who tune in for the conference tourneys and March Madness know to watch for rebounds and screens -- ESPN has cornered the market on analysts who point these things out ad nauseum on pre- and post-game shows, and anyone who tunes in before February is well aware of the importance of what players do when the ball is not in their hands.

I'd like to be generous and give Jarvis the doubt necessary to believe A, but I'm pretty sure that B is the more likely explanation, and with that in mind, it's no wonder he's not employed by a Division I-A university right now (aside from the scandal issues at St. John's during his tenure.)


Mini Me said...

What a moron.

Sanchez333 said...

Words, my mouth and took em' right out. Not necessarily in that order.

twins15 said...

"When you watch a game of basketball on television, what do you see? When you listen to a game, what do you hear? Do you have a hard time focusing on anyone besides the player with possession? If so, you are not alone."

This sounds like a bad infomercial.

Awful Announcing- said...

Just ridiculous....Yahoo!....i'll work for a quarter of what Jarvis makes, AND actually have some insight.