Wednesday, March 07, 2007

another tight end?

I'm not exactly sure why the Broncos inked TE Daniel Graham today outside of bringing a local boy back home. Good blocking TE, though, but we've got a couple of those in reserve (Stephen Alexander and a guy named Scheiffler, whom Cutler liked throwing to as well.) We're not exactly talking about someone who will compete in a conference wtih the upper echelon of tight ends (SD's Antonio Gates, KC's Tony Gonzalez) as far as catching goes. ESPN had him #5 on the coveted free agent list, saying he was obscured by the Pats' two-TE sets.

If the team's looking to stack the line for Travis Henry, it makes sense, but I'm not sure it makes $15 million guaranteed worth of sense (but then again, the NFL is having an off-season in terms of money numbers that resembles MLB's spending spree post-October.)

Rumor on ESPN is that the Redskins want to pry the recently acquired Dre Bly from us, and if Shanahan and the faceless GM are dumb enough to do, they deserve what they get. You never trade an element of a potentially lock-down corner team.


twins15 said...

I like Graham, but $5.5 million seems a little steep. Still, a solid player. And yeah, I don't understand why Denver would be looking to trade Bly.

Signal to Noise said...

Graham's solid, but $5.5 million is "damn near great" money.