Friday, March 09, 2007

cheap shots #7.

I'm headed to L.A. for the weekend post-work, which means de-camping, watching college basketball, and probably not posting despite the well of inspiration that the NCAAs provide.

1) A Price Above Bip Roberts imagines a new career for Billy Packer.
2) Shot to Nothing's theory about Tom Brady and Matt Leinart could shatter the space-time continuum.
3) Run Up the Score takes ESPN to task for running a puff piece on the last person who deserves one.
4) The Hater Nation wants to see the Pornstache in silver and black.
5) Awful Officiating thinks fouls for flopping are a good idea.
6) Extrapolater continues his crusade for a jazz band at the NCAAs.
7) The Head Chick runs Jason Whitlock. Literally.
8) The Babes track the silly saga that is Roger Clemens.
9) The Sports Dad brings our attention to an early contender for this year's Darwin Awards.

Be back Tuesday, unless I watch an absolutely amazing game. Have fun!


Marco said...

Hope Cal Poly can pull it off tonight...

Signal to Noise said...

They played their hearts out, but LBSU is loaded.

I think LBSU has earned their #12 seed. Poly would have been a #15 if they won the conference. Now, hopefully Lofton will whoop 49er ass.