Monday, March 19, 2007

Danny Ainge: Certified Moron.

In the dubious competition of NBA's Stupidest Executive, Danny Ainge is up there, filling Boston fans with consternation over idiot trades (how's that dealing the draft rights to Brandon Roy in exchange for Sebastian Telfair looking now, especially since the Celtics passed on Randy Foye too?) and wasting the best years of Paul Pierce.

Now, his team's been slapped for 30 large for him being caught at the Big 12 championship talking with Texas stud Kevin Durant's family. What good does this do you, Danny? It's not like you're guaranteed the #1 spot in the draft if the Celtics continue to tank -- the draft only assures you the best chance at it, and as of late, that hasn't helped a lot of the worst teams from season to season (Celtics fans remember having the worst season and missing out on Tim Duncan.) Basically, he's trying to convince the mother of a one-and-done to get her son to leave college (most likely) so he can have half a shot at drafting him, and gets caught on national television (yes, the ESPN announcing team caught him).

Even Isiah Thomas wouldn't be caught pulling that crap.


Sanchez said...

This is brilliant.

What would make it even better would be if another team did get Durant now.

*crosses fingers*

Business or Leisure? said...

Don't underestimate Mr. the Isiah Thomas. He is JUST stupid enough to do something like this. Seriously.

And by the by... we all know the Celts won't get this kid. I mean, c'mon. It just ain't happening.

One More Dying Quail said...

It's worth it if

a) The Celtics draft Durant.
b) He becomes a Hall of Fame caliber player
c) He tells everyone that he came out early because his mom liked Danny Ainge.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

i wouldn't get isiah off the hook so easily!

twins15 said...

How depressing is it that the Sixers are in a division with Danny Ainge and Isiah Thomas, and they STILL can't win? I hate Billy King. :(

Signal to Noise said...

Sanchez - I think he may go back to school now. I know I wrote that other stuff earlier, but I'm not sure he liked the way that ended. Of course, the presser of "that's not an appropriate question" is one hell of a tell the other way.

Business and Zach - we'll never really know if Isiah is that dumb because he keeps trading away every lottery pick he gets.

OMDQ - a dreaming Celtics fan, through and through.

twins15 - how has Philly not run him out on the rails?

Michael Jordan and Don Nelson got fines just for talking about Durant. I think that's a bit harsh myself.