Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Next, We'll Be Reporting When The Rocket Drops a Deuce.

Anyone remember that the Associated Press, a couple months ago, wanted to declare a blackout on Paris Hilton updates, but kind of gave up on that idea? I have a new one for them. Let's try that for Roger Clemens until he actually signs with a team.

The headline's bad enough: "No Word Yet From Clemens On Pitching in '07." OK, then, why are we here? We also have these choice nuggets of info: Clemens says his agents will tell him when can't put off the decision any longer, he's looking for the team best equipped to win a ring, and he'll set no timetable for his return.

This is all shit we knew last month. So, Associated Press, do us a favor: stop enabling this. Put a blackout to good use.


YL Adam said...

Word is that Brett Favre has no comment as to whether he or Clemens will retire first.

Signal to Noise said...

Clemens already won the game of chicken, as Favre's already said he's returning.

Scrap said...
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Scrap said...

Glad to see you were annoyed by this article as much I was. You have a much better headline though. That's why I have a man-crush on you. Wait, did I type that? Uh, ... out.

(By the way, I really have to start proofing my comments so I am not always deleting them and re-typing them: note to self)