Friday, March 30, 2007

Well, I've Been Wrong The Rest Of The Dance, So Why Stop Now?

Georgetown beats Ohio State -- color me impressed with the way Jeff Green, Roy Hibbert, and Co. have absolutely proven their superiority over teams, and especially with UNC last week. That's a team that has played together for a while, and despite the raw talent in Mike Conley, Jr. and Greg Oden (plus the steady hand of Ron Lewis), I like to place my odds on older leadership than freshman talent.

UCLA over Florida -- Lorenzo Mata will win the Ugly-Off between him and Joakim Noah, but this is a better, stronger UCLA team defensively than what Florida saw last year, and I sense Arron Afflalo has shaken off the cobwebs that kept him from showing up in big games. The big factor that Florida hasn't seen that will determine the game is Darren Collison -- despite all the shit people talk about UCLA having no offense, he distributes beautifully, and much better than Jordan Farmar (whom I want to see do well with the Lakers) did in his two years at Westwood. I think Mata and Aboya will be able to stay out of foul trouble, and if they can give some defensive oomph against Noah and Al Horford, this game belongs to the Bruins.

I'll make a championship game pick on Sunday.

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