Thursday, March 01, 2007

is there an NFL term for "hot stove league"?

Because the NFL's is on at midnight tonight. The WWL provides a handy-dandy list of the 30 big free agent names for teams to lap up this offseason.

Meanwhile, my Broncos have found their replacement for the dearly and sadly departed Darrent Williams by dealing RB Tatum Bell and OT George Foster to Detroit for CB and ball-hawker extraordinaire Dre' Bly -- one of the few bright spots on those Lions teams. T. Bell is coming off a thousand-yard season, but has problems with fumble-itis and may actually want a semi-fresh start, as Williams was his close friend and teammate going back to their OK State days.

This automatically turns the Broncos into one of the top corner teams in the league, and even though safety John Lynch is getting older and losing steps, he's still one of the nastiest bastards when it comes to hitting. (I was one of those who would bet that D-Will was going to have a monster year in '07, so I thought the Broncos would be a nasty secondary regardless.)

Teams won't want to pass against these guys come next season. Would have been nice to take a stab at the Bills' Nate Clements, but Shanahan likes to get his guys for cheap on the free agent market or through trade and extension signing (see Champ Bailey, Javon Walker.)

Presumably, the departure of Tatum means the starting job is Mike Bell's to lose again, although it's safe to say that the Rat Fink will have a stable of runners for the the Halfback Factory once again.

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