Friday, March 02, 2007

another entry for the "Bizarre Injuries" file.

John Daly is probably the most entertaining figure in golf outside of Tiger Woods, and for entirely different reasons than Tiger. A drinker and chain-smoker, Daly has long been the sort of People's Champ on the Tour, despite his flameout in wins after starting his career on a hot streak. He is also the Tour's hard-luck fellow, a guy for whom bad things just seem to happen (like huge gambling debts.)

Today, he hit the 12th hole of the Honda Classic, and someone just happened to have a camera:

The clicking could be heard almost at the same instant [Daly] started his backswing. He stopped and reportedly glared at the woman before trying to swing again, but immediately complained of pain and walked off to seek treatment in the tour's medical trailer.

He declined to comment afterward.

"All he said to us was, 'I'm done,' " [playing partner Joe] Ogilvie said. "It wasn't good."

Far be it for pudgy me to tell a full keg like Daly that the girth on him probably isn't good when you need to stop a backswing, but I can't help but think that had something to do with the injuries to his ribs and shoulder (also, if you see pictures of his swing, he generates a lot of power with a long wind-up). This is the kind of dumb golf injury that happens in books -- which is fitting that it happened to Daly; he is a Dan Jenkins character writ large.

(Fascinating aside from his Wikipedia page: "A John Daly is also a kind of drink. It is an Arnold Palmer (Lemonade and Iced tea) with whiskey and a splash of ginger ale. This drink was patented by Matt Schroeder." Sounds good, actually.)

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