Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cheap Shots, #8: Double Shift Edition.

Because I'm lazy, tired, and about to go to work again after being there from 2:30 PM yesterday until 7:30 this morning. Enjoy the links.

1) Our friend Extra P. gets himself published someplace respectable. [Extrapolater]
2) Joe Lunardi takes Marco's questions. [Just Call Me Juice]
3) Greg Oden lists some obvious goals. [One More Dying Quail]
4) Friends don't let celebrities drive their million dollar sports cars. [Run Up The Score!]
5) God, my crush on Erin Andrews is really sickening. Oh well, here's a quickie interview with her done by the CSTV guys. That smile is worth dying for. [Awful Announcing]
6) Speaking of EA, she takes on Melissa Stark in the Final Four of the Would You Do tourney. [The Big Picture]
7) Reggie, my man: Kim Kardashian is not an upgrade from Ciara. [Leave the Man Alone]
8) A female ump is going to call a spring training game. [Babes Love Baseball]
9) A paean to Al McGuire. [Stiles Points]
10) Last night's Sheed 70-foot shot = a dagger in my heart, and video still makes it hurt. [Girls Gone Sports]

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