Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's Day At the Sports Bar.

Part of the secret of doing St. Patrick's Day Saturday properly is to set yourself up in a place where you can eat constantly while boozing, and the local sports bar/in-house brewery is as good a place as any after you started at various bars at 6:30 AM and were drinking pitchers solo by 9. I missed no action yesterday, despite the actual memory of it being hazy. So far, I've only lost one Sweet 16 team. Here's what I remember from yesterday's viewing.

Butler over Maryland - and this was it. I think the Terps got a cheapie charge call in the last minute that screwed them over, but a 5 over 4 isn't much, although I thought Butler was an overrated 5.

OSU over Xavier - boy, did I think OSU was done, especially when Oden fouled out on this hard foul right here, but they somehow get to OT, and Mike Conley Jr. takes over.

Pitt over VCU - thought VCU was going to take it, and it's pretty clear that UCLA will clear out Pitt next weekend, because the Panthers take inconsistency to a new level.

Vandy over Wazzu - favorite game of the day, with the previous a close second. 2 OT barnburner where WSU just got kind of hosed on the .06 seconds at the end of regulation there for Vandy.

UCLA over Indiana - the most fun to watch with, not because of the game itself (although UCLA tried to give the game away for most of the second half), but because two of my drinking partners were an Indiana alum and a UCLA alum -- bad enough to have opposing alums watching a game with you sober; try St. Patty's Day blitzed. UCLA is kind of coasting and putting all the pressure on its defense. Afflalo stepped up with the free throws, but he needs to hit more shots.


Mr. Angevine said...

The odd part is, I actually thought Ohio State played better after Oden fouled out. The were suddenly moving without the ball and trying to make plays.

Marco said...

Well, you were right about Wisconsin....