Friday, March 23, 2007

Cheap Shots, #7.

1) Crimson Tide fans, some of your ilk are just giving Auburn die-hards more material. [EDSBS]
2) I got a term for what happened to my bracket last night due to Calipari. [Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog?]
3) Safe bet that Michigan is looking into SIU coach Chris Lowery, but probably not for these reasons. [The Feed]
4) Comparing the Washington Nationals to sitcoms is an entertaining exercise in masochism. [Gheorghe: The Blog]
5) Which countries would you draft? Can't believe they passed on Spain. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]
6) Sanchez watched the figure skating championships so you didn't have to, and notes the winner is a douchebag. [Shot to Nothing]
7) Sooze reduces the Mets and others to haiku previews. [Babes Love Baseball]
8) The Chiefs are looking to start Brodie Croyle? Seriously? [Journalism is for Rockstars]
9) A Georgetown alum taps out an essay to the Hoyas' run. [A Price Above Bip Roberts]
10) In my eyes, this gives Tony Dungy a little bit of the "dickish" label. [AOL FanHouse].
11) Hey, leave Ron Mexico alone -- he was just talking about his hemp necklace. [Deadspin]
12) Texas Gal looks at the really important aspect of the Matt Schaub trade. [Ladies...]

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