Friday, March 30, 2007

Cheap Shots #9, Plus Extra Meta.

Since I have weekends off now and the advantage of living in the Pacific time zone, I'm thinking of doing live blogging here (if I can get Blogger to accept the damn code for a "read more" type of deal; what they have in the help section just turns up an error). Would anyone even be remotely interested in a regular Sunday night live-blog? I can't imagine doing it for baseball (but maybe), but probably for basketball, hockey playoffs, and definitely come baseball season. Let me know in comments.

1) MJD finds an interesting piece on Baron Davis trying to up black enrollment at his alma mater, UCLA.
2) Paulsen at Sports Media Watch revamps announcing teams.
3) Marco has your non-sports funny video of the week over at JCMJ.
4) Sanchez is trying to make sense of the Dolphin QB rumor mill over at Shot to Nothing.
5) The Head Chick feels let down over the new Nike college hoops unis.
6) Scrap shows us that colleges will give you credit for anything, even attending the Final Four.
7) Our friend Eric at Seal Clubbers shows us the hard-luck jeans have hit the Cornhusker football team.
8) If you have not read it already, go take a look at Complete Sports' compilation of possible Jim Nantz cliches for the Final Four.
9) BD is trying something new -- running his MLB picks against a video game.
10) Awful Announcing just continues to stoke my Erin Andrews fix.

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