Thursday, March 29, 2007

Living Through Your Kids A Bit Too Much.

I've long thought that the best thing for parents with children involved in sports at most levels (particularly those with decent to good athletic talent) is to stay the fuck away. Attend, cheer, but sit back and relax. We get incidents in youth leagues all the time, and it's always even more problematic when it's for your country and the parent happens to be coaching.

Ukranian team official Mihail Zubkov has been banned from coaching or participating in events after getting into a fight with his daughter Kateryna Zubkova (age 20) after she missed making the finals of the 50-meter backstroke at the World Championships in Australia. MJD got the video for the FanHouse, and it's a doozy:

Zubkov can't go within 200 feet of Kateryna, and has a court date today. Sometimes, you just gotta stop living through your kids, or things like this can happen.