Tuesday, March 06, 2007

as the ink dries and the wheels turn.

NFL offseason update, most info courtesy of the Big Lead (NFL Bukakke Party? Works for me!) and the rest cribbed from around the web, like this Yahoo column:

LB Joey Porter to the Dolphins -- Like Miami's D-line and linebacking corps isn't nasty enough already. Chad Pennington and J.P. Losman are gonna see some turf against the Dolphins next season.

RB Thomas Jones traded to Jets - At least one of those three sitting on the J-E-T-S hoard of no-name running backs will be cut. Jones gets what he wants, but remember that despite the improvements, the Jets got into the playoffs courtesy of an easy back-half schedule. Thomas may miss Chicago very soon.

QBs Jeff Garcia (free agency) and Jake Plummer (trade) to Tampa Bay - Plummer's retired, Garcia will win the starting job from Simms -- which won't really matter because TB won't have an O-line to speak of, so he'll look bad too.

QB Brad Johnson to the Cowboys - replace one non-mobile backup with another.

QB Joey Harrington and TE Randy McMichael released from Miami -- Fins, please note risk taken with a highly touted QB who couldn't win the big game, and keep that in mind if Brady Quinn falls to your draft spot at #9.

Patrick Kerney to the Seahawks - Atlanta loses another defensive player when it can't afford to; I'm pissed the Broncos didn't lock him up.

CB Nate Clements to SF - We all know the 80 million is backloaded. Walt Harris would like to talk about his contract, Mr. York...

OT Leonard Davis to the Cowboys - Failing upwards. Goes from the weak link in a very weak Cardinals offensive line to receiving the biggest signing bonus in Cowboys history.

FB Ovie Mughelli to the Falcons - Good fullback. Not exactly Lorenzo Neal, just look at Jamal Lewis 3.6 yards per carry (lowest among the top free agent RBs.) Lo earns his $5 mil in signing bonus. No one ought to be getting paid more than Lo in the fullback category.


Mini Me said...

Jones to the Jets is a big time move. Great Job NY.

Sanchez said...

And now the rumors say that Miami are after Trent Green, which I'm not sure I understand.

Would that really be a good move for the Phish do you think?

Signal to Noise said...

sanchez - NO. Not another old quarterback to fill holes, especially one prone to getting concussed.

Sanchez said...

Heh, got to agree with that!