Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Bracket Will Fall Apart Over the Next Few Days.

Not the online one -- that one I don't care about as much as the one that's in the office pool, because that's real-life bragging rights and an extra hundred or two in the pocket. I'm ahead of the sports anchor (and pool commish) by one point, and I was ahead before the Sweet 16 last year too, when George Mason took out my national champ (UConn).

I'm a little bit wiser now (although if I was really that wise, I wouldn't have picked Texas); all my Final Four teams are still in. So, let's recap the picks for the Sweet 16 games:

SIU vs. Kansas -- knock-down, drag out defensive war #1. If you're betting, place a bunch on SIU to cover. Kansas will move on.
Texas A&M vs. Memphis - still going with Billy and the long arm of the Law. Memphis usually manages to cough it before reaching the Four, and despite being able to hit free throws last round, I'm not sure they can do it again.
Pitt vs. UCLA - defensive war #2. Aaron Gray has to play out of his mind for Pitt to win, and I don't see that happening.
Tennessee vs. Ohio State - Bet on the Vols to cover, and if you're feeling really brave, this is not a bad game to pick an upset on. I think OSU survives.

Butler vs. Florida - Probably closer than any of us thinks, but Florida moves on.
Vandy vs. G-Town - Sorry, not close (and the line is a liar). Too much in the post for the Hoyas with Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert.
UNLV vs. Oregon - The Rebs' ride ends here unless Aaron Brooks has a horrific shooting night. Gotta stick with the Ducks; they're my winner in the Midwest region.
USC vs. UNC - Since I have nothing bracket-wise riding on this (see my stupid Texas decision, and I have G-Town winning the East region), I'm calling USC here, and with an 8.5 spread, taking the points too.


Sanchez said...

Hey S2N, if you're anything like me then those bragging rights are worth way more then the money!

Am I right?

Signal to Noise said...

Sanchez, the money's nicer, but the bragging rights are a damn close second, and they will last longer than the prize money.