Thursday, March 08, 2007

reclaiming the title of Sex Cannon.

I really don't know how Tom Brady managed to make it through four years at Michigan, getting wasted and hitting on sorority girls, without any conception of how to use contraception. I wonder now because rumor has it that after knocking up ex Bridget Moynahan, he's completed the pass to current squeeze Gisele Bundchen.

Matt Leinart is in awe of his skills. Clearly, Brady got pissed that Rex Grossman was getting internet love as the Sex Cannon and decided to claim a title he thought was rightfully his. Or maybe he's a moron. Either way, if verified that Gisele is knocked up, I can only imagine the meeting between the three of them if he has to sit down and talk it out. Brady's agent is now calling Pats GM Scott Pioli to ask about a contract extension.

(Everyone in the sports blog world is all over this, of course.)


Sanchez said...

Do you think maybe Matt Leinart is Tom Brady's love child?

Stranger things have happended...

Signal to Noise said...

If that were actually physically possible, the space-time continuum would collapse upon itself.