Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bringing The Rock With MLB Previews: NL East.

1. Sonic Youth (New York Mets) - youthful, inventive heart (David Wright, Jose Reyes), but dependent upon an older, wise core of veterans for their success (Tom Glavine, Carlos Delgado, Moises Alou.) They'll make it back to the playoffs and take the division again; unlike the Giants and like their rocking avatars, these guys seem to be ageless right now.

2. Burning Brides (Philadelphia Phillies) - another team and band that should win a division, should make a run for it every year, should sell out arenas and millions of copies, but never is quite able to get over the top. The Phillies will finish second to the Mets, even with the nasty array of pitching in Randy Wolf and Cole Hamels, plus the fact that Jimmy Rollins, and of course, Ryan Howard are anchoring that line-up yet again. Jimmy Rollins must be kicking himself for being in the division he's in -- if Jose Reyes wasn't in Queens, people would talk about Rollins more.

3. OutKast (Atlanta Braves) - the streak of constant division titles was snapped last year, and it's clear the Braves are trying to rebuild by adding in an influx of new elements (Kelly Johnson at 2B, really?) hope that John Smoltz is his usual self, and that Tim Hudson revives his arm. They may have a bit of a time staying out of the cellar if either of the Joneses gets hurt.

4. Rick Ross (Florida Marlins) - the Marlins keep Dontrelle and Miggy Cabrera and then load with the latest youth: flashy, nice to think of for a late run at a WC spot, looks like some really good pitching, but the problem is that this is more of a pitching team in a hitting division, and I don't see where they can slug with the Mets and Phillies (like Rick Ross can't hang with say, Jay-Z, Nas, or most any other rapper with a semblance of talent.)

5. Government Issue (Washington Nationals) - too much turnover from the basic lineup with promising elements that under-perform to be anything but bottom-feeders (although talented at times). Leaving Montreal didn't change their basic function as a great tune-up stage/team for those who go on to better things (J. Robbins played bass for GI before going on to Jawbox and Burning Airlines).

AL previews tomorrow (if I'm sober enough.)

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