Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Clearly Being Part of VH1's Celebreality Was Not Enough.

Larry Brown Sports tips me off to a dandy little item about your old friend and mine, Jose Canseco, whose stock has clearly gone down (if it were possible for it to fall any lower, to put it in financial terms, he was already at junk status) ever since he testified in Congress about his book and became the semi-sane person on the Surreal Life. (Yes, I watched a couple episodes with him on. Shut up.)

Desperate for more attention, Canseco is trying to create his own show, "A Day With Jose." Some info gleaned from the press release over at Larry's place:

a pool of contestants, initially chosen from their on-line applications submitted to, will appear before a panel of judges, and compete to become one of six finalists who will spend their fantasy day with Jose. They’ll surprise Jose at his Los Angeles home, explain their planned day of activities as approved by the judges, and have Jose to themselves for the entire day. ….

My only question: when did a professional fuck-up become a Make-A-Wish kid?


Sanchez said...

What, you only get one day with him?

Signal to Noise said...

Like you'd want to spend more than that with him.