Monday, February 05, 2007

we fought the Law and the Law won.

That's what Kansas was saying over the weekend after he hit the game winning shot, and as I type this, Texas may be saying the exact same thing if A&M holds up, as senior guard Acie Law IV has 19 so far in a matchup featuring Law and Texas' insane freshman Kevin Durant.

Law and Texas A&M are turning into one of those nasty teams that I always have a tendency to pick to make a very long run in my highly uninformed bracket come March -- they can either go out in the second round or could make a serious go at Final Four status (although I'm not quite buying it yet; I'd rather see the Big XII tourney play play out.)

But watching Durant score at will and Law lead a team that no one really thought about much at the beginning of the season to where it's seriously being considered as a Big XII winner is what makes college ball watching (post-NFL season) fun for me, although I admit that folks like the Big Lead and Just Call Me Juice are ten times better on NCAA hoops than I could hope to be.

Update: Fuckstick. Law goes out of the game with 10:14 left with what looks like a bad ankle. Figures. I gotta stop writing in game posts.

Update #2: Law is back in like a champ, and it looks like A&M has this one wrapped up with less than 2:30 to go. Texas looks like they're riding Kevin Durant too hard -- he's putting up shots that don't look good in any light at all, and while he's freakishly talented, it's not exactly smart to have a freshman carry your team.


Marco said...

We are starting the A&M Bandwagon

Signal to Noise said...

Count me in for some ghost ridin', minus the jumping off part, for now.

extrapolater said...

As you know from my live-blog at AA, I have no choice but to be on the bandwagon as long as they're not playing Kansas again.

I can't help but root for a class act who endured an 0-16 in conference as a freshman. I even wrote about it.