Monday, February 05, 2007

the greatness that is the Purple One.

Prince put on the best halftime show that I can remember watching at a Super Bowl. Some of you may disagree, but I think the testament to his genius is turning sub-par Foo Fighters songs into compelling live viewing. Plus, ending the show with "Purple Rain" just deepened the man-crush.

I wish he'd played more of his oldies but goodies, but his finding Jesus caused him to put some of his back catalog on ice for good. "Kiss" would have been nice, but I can't slam him for putting on a guitar extravaganza, showing the newer folks how it's supposed to be done.

Mark-ass marks like SI's Peter King and Rick Reilly can take their hating and shove it.

Also, I would like to note my favorite of the crappy Super Bowl ads this year.

I almost expected molester-stache dude to yell "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!" when he put the GPS to his belt -- that plus faux-power metal music put it over the top in my mind.


twins15 said...

I did like the Map one... my favorite commercial though was probably the "But he has Bud Light" one.

Signal to Noise said...

The best part of that Bud Light ad was when the ax guy said, "But he has a chainsaw!"