Friday, February 23, 2007

Senators and Sabres throwdown.

This good old fashioned mess of a brawl happened because the Sens' Chris Neil nailed Buffalo's Chris Drury hard (knocking him out of the game), Andrew Peters then went after Dany Heatley, and it was ON. Know how on it was? Not even 30 seconds in and we get the treasured Goalie Fight.

(Off Wing Opinion has all the skinny.)


Run Up The Score! said...

It's enough to make me care about hockey and look up old Ron Hextall fights on YouTube.

Signal to Noise said...

That you did, and thank you for that, RUTS.

Mini Me said...

One of the best fights I have seen in years!

One More Dying Quail said...

My favorite part was the look on Emery's face right before the fight. He seemed amused that the other goalie wanted to fight.

I think my favorite hockey fight was the recent one where one of the players was miked and you could hear him setting up the fight before the faceoff and wishing his opponent good luck.