Wednesday, February 21, 2007

watching and waiting.

So, with the regular season back in swing, what are we to make of one of the most mercurial teams in the Association?

For me, it's like waiting for the promise of great things to develop between Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson to finally roll around; when the electricity sparks the teams to wins and a formidable presence -- not that team that's going to win a title; the West is too stacked for that to happen -- the one that none of the top teams wants to face.

That isn't happening. The Nuggets lost to the Spurs last night, and while you get good individual performances out of both Anthony and AI, you wonder if they'll put it together with the rest of the team, when the parts will come together as a whole. They'll make the playoffs, but eventually we'll get sick of one and outs. Someone's going to have to play defense on that team.

(I'll probably get around to an NBA general assessment of playoff teams as they stand soon.)

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