Friday, February 02, 2007

oh, right; they're playing a game this weekend.

Bears over Colts, 24-20, mostly because I think defense and special teams wins these games, and the Bears are better on both. Peyton will have a good game -- but the Bears will run well, Rex will make the downfield throw when he needs to, and Robbie Gould, while not playoff clutch like Vinatieri, has been damn close to automatic.

Now that I've written this, given my record on this year's playoffs, Indy fans should be happy. Whatever. Let's get to the link fest:

1) Leave the Man Alone looks at the "black coach" factor.
2) Pacifist Viking tries to determine what's in a name, specifically Troy Polamalu's.
3) Just because I've not written about Barbaro doesn't mean others haven't -- the Mighty MJD has the funniest take.
4) One More Dying Quail digs into the details of hitting .400.
5) True Hoop predicts coach Eric Musselman getting busted for DUI signals some serious problems for the Sacramento Kings.
6) Rich Kotite Banged Your Mom happened to get ahold of a letter from Tom Brady to Rex Grossman, and let's just say Dreamboat disapproves of Rextasy's other nickname of "Sex Cannon."
7) The Big Picture is hitting its two best features lately, interviewing Deadspin's Will Leitch and posing whether its readers find CBS' Sam Ryan attractive.

I'll make this meta #2 as well -- anything you few readers out there would like to see more of from me? Say so. The posting might be better and more frequent -- I'm officially now off the graveyard shift at work. I'll also thank you for reading, and thank the big grown-ups at Deadspin, the Big Lead, and Mr. Irrelevant for linking and/or accepting my blogwhoring lately.


The Almighty Ajax said...

More music posts! (Or do I mean any music posts? I suddenly can't remember if you do those over here or just on the LJ.)

Anyway, an album review every now and then would be nice. They don't even have to be current ones, I just like the way you dance about architecture.

Signal to Noise said...

I do that here, although not as much as I used to -- my album-buying habits have slowed. There may be another edition of "Used Bin Steals" coming up soon.