Friday, February 16, 2007

cheap shots #4.

Gotta head to work -- let's reel these off quickly.

1) Sports Media Watch puts together a disgustingly plausible theory regarding ESPN's hawking of John Amaechi and Tim Hardaway's comments.

2) Just Call Me Juice continues his series of interviews with those who know NCAA hoops better than he does, as he put it.

3) Pacifist Viking weighs the pros and cons of the Vikes possibly making a run for David Carr.

4) GTB previews the hapless Nationals on the eve of spring training.

5) The Head Chick noticed that ESPN knocked off ATH and PTI for NASCAR inundation.

6) Awful Announcing says the Pipemaker may already be out the door. Note to ESPN: NOW he's a ticking time bomb?

7) OMDQ is trying another experiment to add to his growing list of side features. This one involves playing a college football playoff via XBox.

8) The essential question at the Big Picture today: Would you do Stacey Dales?

9) And finally, EDSBS issues the latest in its series, "Las Cronicas de Boss Hawg" (read: Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt, for the uninformed.)

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