Wednesday, February 14, 2007

more NORV???

The Chargers have taken another step towards committing organizational seppuku -- yes, they've asked for and been granted permission to speak to everyone's favorite Cheap Schwag, Norv Turner.

Fine, Dean. OK, A.J. You got what you wanted, and Marty is out. Don't do it. Everyone else on your list -- Niners D-coach Mike Singletary, Bears D-coordinator Ron Rivera, Balmurr D-coordinator Rex Ryan -- all automatically better choices than Norv; even though they've never been head coaches before. If I didn't think San Diego was a good team (and if they were the hated Chiefs or Raiders), I would say, "Fine. Be that stupid. I would love to see nothing but Norv Face all this season." But I can't. He will wreck fantasy teams by managing to sabotage Fantasy Jesus. I know it.

Whatever owners smoke/ingest/shoot that makes them think "Oh, Norv is worth an interview," I want some. It's gotta be killer stuff.


Anonymous said...

AGREED. Schottenheimer showed that he can't win in the playoffs. Nonetheless, the Chargers went out and got him, DARN! Now, I'll give Marty credit that in five years, he's helped make the Chargers the most talented team in the league. BUT, the Chargers should have fired Marty last year after not making the playoffs. Not making the playoffs with LT running the offense and Wade Phillips running the can you lose?! Now, I fully expect them to pick up the worst candidate for the job, i.e. Norv Turner.

I say, why not hire a Mexican coach to Head the team. Tony Dungy just became the first African-American to win the Super Bowl. Let's keep the momentum going. The Chargers are so talented that ANYONE could win it as head coach. Hire Tony Munoz! or Ron Rivera (is he latino?)

Signal to Noise said...

Agreed, Anon -- this was at least one month too late to fire Marty (should've done it while Cameron and Phillips were still around) and probably one year too late. Marty is still a great re-building coach, but you'll have to find someone else to get you through the playoffs.

The Chargers are so talented that ANYONE could win it as head coach.

I bet that's what A.J. Smith actually thinks.

Rivera is Hispanic, but if he's hired, they'll have to go through a personnel shake-up to go from a 3-4 to a 4-3 defense (not sure if that would apply to Rex Ryan.)

Rob said...

NORV has shown he is a good coordinator and a lousy head coach. He really did wonders with Alex Smith and Frank Gore this year. I'd like to see him hired as offensive coordinator for the Chargers.

I don't know what that leaves at head coach. I REALLY like Rex Ryan, but if you make him head coach, he's essentially going to also be handling the defense. So then who becomes defensive coordinator? Perhaps a guy like Singletary who is willing to defer to Ryan to assist and manage the defense?

But yes, NORV as head coach will be a disaster.

NFL Adam said...

Maybe Norv would be offensive coordinator.

Jock Jarrelson said...

Hey, at least they aren't getting stuck with Cam Cameron. Why couldn't they have just fired Marty a month ago so the Dolphins could hire him and remember what it's like to make the playoffs? Would we win a Super Bowl? No. But after the Wannstedt and Saban eras we've lowered our expectations.


extrapolater said...

If I were LaDanian, I think I'd have to go join Tiki on the Today show rather than play for Norv.

extrapolater said...

rob, I have to say that's intriguing - the idea of Singletary learning on the job as DC and Norv keeping the chair warm for him.