Monday, January 29, 2007

musical chairs, Cowboys edition.

The Dallas head coaching search appears to be down to recently hired O-coordinator Jason Garrett, New Orleans D-coordinator Gary Gibbs, and this guy -- SF O-coordinator and Cheap Slut of the Good Ol' Boys Coaching Network, Norv Turner, who is probably the example most fans of the NFL think of when they think of "coordinators who have no business being head coaches." (Granted, Norv was coaching in Oakland and D.C., but those teams had some useful talent and he couldn't do much with it.)

However, the WWL considers Turner (the Cowboys' O-coordinator during some of their Super Bowl years in the 90s) the lead candidate, mostly because Jerry Jones appears to have his heart set on a head coach to mentor Garrett, and Turner appears to have no issues with the implications.

"Turner said he'd have no problem having Garrett on his staff. In fact, Turner tried getting Garrett on his staff in Oakland. 'That tells you a little something about how I feel about Jason,' Turner said."

My guess is that Dallas fans who actually want to see the Cowboys go far in the playoffs aren't all that enthused by the possibility of Turner being the head guy. The only two groups that will likely be excited about the possibility of a Norv reign in Dallas are all of Vegas' sports books and those who get a kick out of seeing the coaching version of Manning Face.

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