Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the NBA's Matt Millen.

Why haven't Timberwolves fans started a "Fire McHale" movement similar to the agony put forth by Lions fans every year for the past few seasons? Given that McHale has fired yet another head coach, it's worth asking. This man is the Matt Millen of the NBA -- questionable trades, bad drafting, routine firing of head coaches that don't solve the problem, the Joe Smith shenanigans, etc., but to pervert Mencken, you can count on a GM not understanding the problem if his job depends on him not understanding it.

The only reason McHale isn't viewed with more scrutiny on a regular basis is because Isiah Thomas exists in this league (and for those of you who would say Isiah is Millen, Isiah is a category unto himself), and to a lesser extent, so does Sixers GM Billy King, who also ought to be out of work and finally caught some national heat during the AI trade hullaballoo. There is also the "local legend" status that McHale holds, but wasting the career of one of the league's most talented players in the mire of numerous promises to compete and failing to field a team around him ought to be grounds for firing. Like the Ford family ought to do, this is a situation where the Wolves ownership needs to take a hard line stand. Like it or not, Jon Dolan did it when he said Isiah had to coach the Knicks to save his job. Maybe the Wolves owners should have done that last year when McHale had to do interim duties.

There aren't a lot of Wolves games on ESPN or TNT these days, but if I catch one, I want to see Twin Cities denizens hoisting some "Fire McHale" signs some time soon. They deserve better.

Update, 1/24 - Clearly Minnesota fans agree, in the most unscientific manner, that Dwane Casey got hosed.

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Anonymous said...

Now that Randy Wittman has given the T_wolves a consistent (losing) look. KM is once again proving he is the second worse GM in the NBA.