Thursday, January 11, 2007

ballpark buffet.

It's no longer just for luxury boxes any more in L.A., as the Dodgers plan to turn the right field pavilion seats at Chavez Ravine into an all-you-can-eat section, starting 90 minutes before the game and running two hours in (of course, cheap beer will still cost you much more than it ought to.) For $35 in advance and $40 on game day, this is a good deal -- a vast sight cheaper than most nights out in Los Angeles have any right to be. (Yes, I still hate dropping at least a bill just to go out when I make my infrequent visits to the L.A. area.)

The timing makes sense: although most well-meaning people have trouble getting to Dodger Stadium prior to game time due to the clusterfuck that is I-5, many of the fans are of the variety that bail out early (lamentable as far as fandom goes; smart as far as getting home in a reasonable amount of time goes.)

A Dodger Dog isn't exactly fine dining, and shouldn't be, but they put less and less care into ballpark hot dogs and the rest of the food available as of late. The stuff is starting to taste more and more like plastic, even for processed junk.

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