Saturday, January 20, 2007

musical chairs: the new Dolphins coach.

Cam Cameron won't be making that pose you see at right a heck of a lot next year, as he's decided to take the Miami Dolphins head coaching vacancy after the Nick Saban debacle. He inherits a team plagued with a serious deficiency at the quarterback position (even when Daunte Culpepper is actually healthy) and a tailback whom isn't a fifth of the one he leaves behind in the Whale's Vagina.

I actually think Cameron will finish his initial four-year contract, if not get extended. He has a good track record with quarterbacks in college and the pros, and if any team needs a coach that's good with QBs, it's Miami. The AFC East is a tough division to be in when the Patriots are penciled in for the division crown every year and the Jets and Bills are good when they're clicking.

At least Huizenga made a non-stupid football decision.

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