Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Raider schadenfreude.

Someone please tell me that hiring Lane Kiffin as the Raiders' new head coach wasn't a decision along the lines of, "Well, we couldn't get our preferred USC O-coordinator, so let's hire the other one!" It's not a bad hire by any stretch, but as much as I hate the Raiders, I've always thought they should suck it up and make Rob Ryan the head coach. The guy looks like he ought to be the head coach of the Raiders.

I wish Kiffin well; he'll need it.

For more possibly questionable actions by the Raiders, WBRS Sports Blog is all over the rumor posted on Ben Maller yesterday that suggested Al Davis wants to deal the #1 pick plus both Randy Moss and Jerry Porter to Atlanta for Ron Mexico. Most people would call such an idea highway robbery in the Falcons' favor; I'd say such a deal would be akin to robbing three casinos Ocean's Eleven-style with every security guard giving you the keys.

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