Tuesday, January 30, 2007

priorities, please.

Interesting New York Times bit on the veiled threat that MLB hack in charge Bud Selig and appointed investigator George Mitchell have put in place with their investigation into the steroid scandal: apparently, it's akin to, "If you don't talk to us, then Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) will be all over your ass."

Now, being a proper political junkie, I follow Waxman's exploits not only because I'm originally from the L.A. area -- it's also because Waxman is a certified ball-buster who happens to reflect my political leanings. But I think the players would be wise to call the bluff on this one; Waxman's made no statements on what he will do on the issue with the chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (which is apparently what sports with anti-trust exemptions fall under), and regardless of my personal hope and confidence that the Democrats can walk and chew gum when it comes to legislation and oversight regarding the war in Iraq, I bet he's got higher priorities than steroid investigations. However, that's what I said to myself the last time I heard or read rumors about Congressional investigation and testimony, and we wound up with several days of the stuff on ESPN.

Congressman, hold off on the steroids right now -- let the leagues work on it, and take care of the other stuff first. And if you're gonna take on big league sports, take on the NFL and MLB on selling Sunday Ticket and Extra Innings to DirecTV.

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