Tuesday, January 23, 2007

is McNabb pulling a T.O.?

Eagles fans really don't get a break from the drama, do they? Reports in ESPN (again, grain of salt rule if you like) say that Donovan McNabb isn't especially pleased with Andy Reid and the org after a series of slights, including a belief that the team might want to stick with Jeff Garcia (which is silly; no pro team would want its first option to be a 38-year old QB.)

Run Up The Score
thinks McNabb is insecure about his job and position on the team. Wouldn't you be after T.O.? I still think that whole mess screwed with his head more than everyone would let on. Never mind the entire city booing him on draft day. You'd find your position precarious from day one. Is Donny emulating some Owens-like behavior? Entirely possible. But RUTS is right -- keep your mom off the eBay tubes, McNabb -- don't give the Philly sports media any extra chances to discuss you if you can help it.

(Speaking of T.O., the Head Chick has his bizarre yet likely true statements on the Parcells retirement over at Leave the Man Alone. The man's a walking PR nightmare; he has no sense of tact -- which is both a good and bad thing.)

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