Thursday, January 11, 2007

Barry Bonds, model teammate.

Apologies to NFL Adam for swiping his usual header for these sorts of things, but I can't think of anything more fitting, really, as the New York Daily News is reporting that the Giants slugger failed a test for greenies last season, and then tried to put it on 1B Mark Sweeney.

Dude, it's much, much less lame if you say you just didn't know what you were taking like before rather than trying to pawn it off as something you picked up out of your teammate's locker (which begs the question why Bonds was grabbing stuff out of anyone else's locker to begin with.)

His next excuse will be something along the lines of the Ted Haggard defense: "I just bought it to get it off the streets! I had no intention whatsoever of actually using it."

Update, 8:18 PM - Bonds now denies Sweeney's involvement. The problem with Bonds is that even if he denies throwing Sweeney under the bus, I don't buy it for a second.


NFL Adam said...

I'm glad you did. I was at a conference the past two games. I can't believe this idiot behaves like this. No wonder nobody celebrates him.

He and Kobe are like peas in a pod. I mean, it's not so much that they raped chicks or took illegal drugs, but dragging down their teammates is the worst.

Signal to Noise said...

See, I think Kobe's actually trying to rehab himself now in terms of his teammates -- although maybe that's more perception from watching on the court than actual actions off-court, and there is probably an unspoken law in the Laker locker room that mandates not pissing Kobe off or he'll throw you under the bus.

Bonds, however, acts like a dick both on and off the field and has for years.