Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ron Mexico's newest victim.

Louisville coach Bobby Petrino is apparently dumb enough to think he will be able to coach a team with a quarterback who hasn't lived up to expectations and no wide receiving corps, which, given his pass-heavy offenses in college, will be a problem -- but then again, if the Falcons are gonna pay you just under $5 million per year, then that can brush over a lot of obvious incompatibilities.

No one is really shocked -- Petrino dallied around with jobs at LSU and Florida after signing extensions with L'Ville previously, so I doubt there will be the outcry in national media this time; everyone used up their outrage on Nick Saban last week.

Over/under on his stay in Atlanta: 3 years, and I'm taking the Under.

Also, much like I thought prior to the Sugar Bowl, LSU QB JaMarcus Russell is going to skip his senior year and go pro -- did no one remind him that the Raiders had the first pick?


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

petrino won't last long...atlanta these days isn't a very desirable job.

Signal to Noise said...

No, he won't. Spurrier, Saban, they both left after two years as a head coach in the pros, and I don't think Petrino will be any different.