Tuesday, January 30, 2007

that boy's gone crazy.

Has Troy Smith lost his mind? Despite (or possibly due to) his falling draft stock, he's angling for the Cleveland Browns to pick him and make him the hometowner who gets picked to stay in state for a pro career. After the BCS championship, Smith will be lucky enough to be drafted high enough to save face; he shouldn't be too picky or angling for his hometown team -- never mind that the Browns are a mess until they figure out how to cobble an offensive or defensive line together (it'll always be a source of wonder how Mike Shanahan could trade for the Browns' D-line and get them to play when Cleveland couldn't.)

Troy: be quiet, accept where you're picked in the draft bereft of first round QBs unless your name is Brady or JaMarcus, and hope you don't go to Cleveland or Detroit. Look, I still believe he could be a decent pro, and possibly better than either Charlie Frye or Derek Anderson, but home-state loyalty should only go so far.

(Ted Ginn is also pictured because he'd like to play for the Browns, and I think Brady Quinn is from Dublin. All these blue-chippers whom the Browns should go nowhere near early in the draft...)


Mini Me said...

The team has some weapons in Edwards and Winslow, but their O-line is awful. The Browns have a decent future though I think, if they can figure out their o-line and running game. Smith is from Cleveland, and he wants to be a part of that rebuilding process, as he could do it in front of his family.

Signal to Noise said...

I love hometown stories as much as everyone else, and the sentimenalist in me wants both Smith and Ginn to revive the Browns, but I'm not sure it's in the best interest of their careers because current Browns management has given us no signs that they have a clue.

(Romeo Crennel can only do so much.)