Friday, January 05, 2007

a match made in hell.

The ultimate washed-up alt-rock careerists have apparently hooked up again, and just looking at that photo is tough for anyone like yours truly who came of formative musical age during the "alternative" era -- but it makes sense. Given how the two of them have made the lives of countless others miserable and been prone to the most erratic behavior and grandiose pronouncements about their own greatness over the years, it's fitting to say these two deserve each other if they are an item once again -- no one else will care about them now otherwise; she fucked Cobain; he always wished he was Cobain.

It hurts to admit, because the first three Pumpkins albums are golden, and by that point, Corgan had really bought into his own hype so much he decided to shit on anyone and everyone else.


Diane said...

Courtney is desperate to re-vitalize her failing career, and rumor has it that Billy wrote the songs on Celebrity Skin . . . why Billy is desperate enough to go along with this is a whole 'nother question

McLean Stevenson said...

Bad career move for Corigan.

NFL Adam said...

How long to he wants to kill himself, too?

Signal to Noise said...

Diane - I vaguely remember Corgan putting a solo album out last year, no one paying attention, and then further yawns when he said he was reforming the Pumpkins (the only other original member being Chamberlin). Oh, this is desperation point.

McLean - you're presuming Corgan had a career left to salvage. He will be leading Smashing Pumpkins tours with assembled back-up bands fairly soon.

NFL Adam - Don't give him any ideas.